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Restoring and creating long-lasting vibrant health

01 Remove all manufactured foods from your diet

Remove all
Manufactured Foods
           from your diet

Reduce your carbohydrate intake to 100 gr. per day, maximum (2 slices of bread, 3 small potatoes). Stay away from refined carbohydrates, which means no sodas, ice cream, cookies, cakes or candy.

02 Make up your mind to exercise three times per week for 30 minutes

Make up your
Mind to Exercise
three times per week for 30 minutes

You need to get out of breath and sweat by the finish. This is not time wasted; you’ll get it back in useful years, later in your life. That’s a promise!.

03 Track down your personal stressor foods and get off them

Track down
your personal stressor foods
            and get off them

I can’t stress enough that this is the number #1 anti-aging factor in the Universe! This can be accomplished with a simple cheek swab that tests your DNA/Methylation, available at Energenetic Wellness Consultants.

04 Sleep is crucial Our body regenerates during our sleep

Sleep is crucial
Our Body Regenerates
            during our sleep

If you have trouble sleeping, you can try exercising for 20 minutes in the early evening. Melatonin and HTP5 are natural remedies that work well for many people. Lastly, we recommend you to try a PEMF unit, which has many powerful benefits for your health, better sleep being one very important one.

05 If you are over 21 test your micronutrient levels

If you are over 21
Test Your Micronutrient Levels

Research proves that nutrients work synergistically so that the status of one nutrient impacts the status of other nutrients.

06 Regularly take a supplement with fulvic humic acid based nutritional

Regularly take
a Supplement
with fulvic humic acid

based nutritional formula like Well-Raw Nutrients or similar.

07 Replenish your levels of iodine

Replenish your levels
Of Iodine
            (lugol solution)

Take a dropper-full daily 1 month every 4 months.

08 Have a Colon Lymphatics and then a Liver Kidney detox cleanse every year

Have a Colon/lymphatics
And Then a Liver/Kidney
            detox cleanse every year

Dr. Arroyo can recommend you an easy and effective protocol for this purpose.

09 Test your thyroid function once per year and address if needed

Test your thyroid function
Once Per Year
            and address if needed

Even a 30 year old will feel very old and tired with a hypoactive thyroid gland. The thyroid panel should include at least TSH, Free T3, Free T4, Thyroglobulin, Anti-Thyroglobulin AB, TBG, Anti-TPO Ab and very important RT3 (Reverse T3).

10 Drink plenty of water 8 glasses a day on average

Drink plenty of water
8 Glasses a Day
            on average

BONUS TIP: Nothing you do for your health will be enough if you lead an unhappy life. STAY POSITIVE!. Visualize and practice your highest truths. My favorite ones are 'Love, Gratitude and Forgiveness'. Make sure yours take a high place in your everyday life.

Ask Dr. Arroyo how Wellness Total Care    can help you overcome your health challenges and achieve true wellness.

Now… the question is… Are you ready to get healthy and feel great again? 


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